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Each and every week I send out an e-mail to all of my students listing my upcoming classes, jams, workshops, etc. If you would like to be added to my e-mail list and receive my weekly updates, or have any questions whatsoever about my teaching, please e-mail me at

Spring 2018


Due to a variety of factors, none of which was a nor'easter surprisingly, the schedules of the Bluegrass Band Ensemble Class (in Cambridge) and the Bluegrass Jamming Class (in Carlisle) have been updated. Both classes will now be...

April 2017


Starting later this month I will be offering four new classes, including something I've never been able to offer before: weekday afternoon classes in Lexington. These four classes are being offered through Lexington Community Education and I have included descriptions and details below...

March 2017


I'm going to be announcing a big round of Spring classes soon, but in the meantime, I wanted to let you all know about a couple special class opportunities coming up quickly. In March and April, I am going to offer two classes: Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar: Basics and Beyond (which I haven't been able to offer in quite some time), and Fundamentals of Ear Training and Music Theory (a brand new class which combines two of my favorite related topics).

Winter 2017


Thanks so much to everybody who made it out to the Cantab Lounge this past Tuesday to see my band, Southeast Expressway, play the feature set. We had one of our best shows in a long time, and it was very gratifying to see so many friendly faces in the audience.

And speaking of the Cantab...


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